Monday, 22 March 2010


For what feels like the first time since this all started, today we've had some good news.

Mam had a CT scan before her first chemo to act as a 'baseline', so the oncologist could use it as a reference point as her treatment progressed.

Recently, after her third session of chemo, she had another scan, to see if the treatment was helping. And today she went back to see the oncologist for the results.

She's been in better health lately - no sickness and less exhaustion after the last lot of chemo, which was a huge relief to her; also her appetite has been coming back in leaps and bounds. Not only was she not sick after the last chemo, but she kept eating healthy portions and is almost back to pre-illness size meals!

My older sister was optimistic, but I've tried not to get 'too far ahead of myself' in case it was just coincidence.

But the news today was good; after a 40 minute wait to see the oncologist, and another 10 minutes while her scan results were faxed over, it turns out the cancerous 'nodules' have all shrunk in response to the chemo, and mam's oncologist pronounced himself very pleased with her progress.

The surgeon will meet with his team next Monday and decide whether to operate immediately and remove as much cancer as she can, or if she should have more chemo before that happens. They also want to remove the one remaining ovary - so whatever happens, when this op goes ahead it won't be insignificant and she'll need looking after when she's discharged.

But just for a change it's such a relief not to get that bad news 'kick in the teeth', and mam agreed that the horrible side effects of the chemo - all the sickness and exhaustion - have been worth it to get this far.

Please God let it all stay positive!!

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