Tuesday, 5 January 2010

More detail

I had a funny feeling when I spoke to mam on Tuesday that there was more to it - the chemo - than she'd told me. Couldn't put my finger on it, but felt that it wasn't down to me to question, and that I should trust her - she's been honest with us so far, we know how bad it is...would she hide anything?

Well it turns out my instincts were right, but just for a change it wasn't another kick in the teeth waiting to come and get me. My older sister emailed me and mentioned that the hospital will be giving mam the more aggressive chemo that they mentioned a while ago as being an option (so I'm guessing from this that they're using the tactic of 'going in with all guns blazing'). The less agressive option was using only one of two possible treatments - carboplatin or paclitaxel. The more agressive option is to use both at once - which is what they're going to do, starting next week.

She'll have three sessions of chemo, each three weeks apart. Shortly after the third, she'll have a CT scan to see if the cancer has shrunk and if they can go on to perform an op to remove as much of the cancer as they can. It'll be a significant op, similar in magnitude to the one in November when they removed her ovaries, and apparently she's not looking forward to it - but mam being typically mam, she knows it's necessary and that's all there is to it.

So with two chemicals being pumped into her every three weeks, she's going to feel really dreadful for most of the next three months, followed by a big op. We've just got to hope against hope that it's all worth it.


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