Monday, 4 January 2010

Moving on...gradually

Mam finally got to her chemo registration appointment at the Queen Elizabeth hospital today. My brother went all the way up there just to take her to that - he wasn't able to get up at Christmas/New Year as he'd already agreed to spend that time with his inlaws in Norfolk, so to go all the way up north was a nice touch. He was mam's first child so I suppose there'll always be a sort of 'extra closeness' there, and I know mam said she gets a lot of comfort from it when he's around.

First of all this morning they pumped some sort of chemical into her kidneys, and she had to have a scan every hour for about five hours, to see how the stuff was going through her. She was happy enough to toddle around the hospital on her own, bless - which in itself is good to know, because I know there have been days when it's all she could do to walk upstairs or from room to room.

Then, this afternoon, the chemo registration. The outcome is that she has two appointments next week - one on the afternoon of Tuesday 12 Jan, which is just a quick one to give her some test results, and then the actual chemo on Wednesday 13 Jan which will take most of the day.

So at feels like things are finally moving in a positive way.

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  1. As you say finally moving in a positive direction. Bless your mum for going around for a toddle on her own, which is a good thing. And how lovely for your mum that your brother was able and did go up for her registration.

    Keep strong my friend and I will be reading, take care xx